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At Paramount Vintners we are constantly looking for new wine stocks and are interested in purchasing full cases of top quality fine wine that has been well cellared. Odd bottles of especially rare wine are also of interest.

Bordeaux wine of classed growth is our main area of interest however we will consider buying quality champagne and wines from other regions.

We can arrange the collection of wine from cellars and bonded warehouses in the UK and Western Europe as we aim to make your selling experience as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

There are two ways you may sell your wine through Paramount Vintners:

We can offer a broking service where we sell wine on your behalf via our website and trade sources for as little as 7% commission, which means you could receive 93% of the selling price. The prices we sell your wine will be the current market price as quoted on our website. To make this process as easy as possible you can either value your wine through our online portfolio valuation tool or you can contact us by email or telephone with the details of the wine you wish to sell. When selling through our broking service your wine will have to be transferred into our temperature controlled bonded warehouse, where it will be stored in your own private reserve account. You will be able to view the progress of your wine through your online portfolio. As market prices are dynamic and can move up or down you may find that the price of your wine increases. In such case you will receive the improved price should your wine sell at such time. Prices may also decline, which is why we offer a tool in your portfolio to set 'floors' (the minimum price which you are willing accept for the sale of your wine). If you don't set any floors on your wines they will always be offered at market price.

We are also happy to purchase wine for an outright cash price, depending on market conditions and the quality and condition of your wine. The purchase is at the current market price (as quoted on our website) less approximately 20%. Payments will be made upon receipt and satisfaction of your wine. Please call or email us for a outright cash on delivery valuation, our staff can take care of all arrangements such as bond transfers, collections, condition reports, re-packing and valuations. We can also arrange whole cellar valuations should you have a large quantity of wine for sale.

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