How Do I Sell My Wine?

There are two ways you may sell your wine at Paramount Vintners. If you are interested in an outright cash sale, you can contact our valuation department by email or phone and you will be quoted a cash sale price. You will receive payment once your wine has arrived and been checked at our warehouse. The value of an outright cash sale will usually be the current market price less approximately 20%. Alternatively you may sell your wine through our broking service for as little as 7% commission. Value your wine through our online portfolio valuation tool or by contacting our valuation team, if then you decide to commit to a sale you may do so by agreeing to our selling, and storage terms & conditions. We will then arrange with you the transfer of your wines to our bonded warehouse at London City Bond. Once we have received your wines they will then be up for sale.

Access To Sell Wine Through Our Broking Service

Our Broking service to sell wine is an online service and therefore your use of this service is subject to Paramount Vintners’ website use terms & conditions, privacy policy, and the terms set out below. By using our Broking service you hereby agree to these terms & conditions. If there is any conflict of any terms appearing on our web pages and the terms set out below, the terms set out below will prevail.

Adding Wines To Sell

After you have completed the valuation of your wine, agreed to the relevant terms & conditions, and transferred your wine to our cellars at London City Bond, your wines will be up for sale.

Selling Valuation

Paramount Vintners aims to be as transparent as possible during our valuation process. In order to do this, our valuations show the ‘Unit Value’ at the current competitive market price for each wine, this is the price which we would be selling the wine at (aside from a small handling charge we add on top). These values are then reduced by the Broking % to arrive at your net realisable values shown as ‘Total Net’. Prices quoted are in pounds sterling.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to our market pricing system updating automatically on a regular basis, the selling price of your wine and therefore your ‘Total Net’ may increase or decrease during the time the wines are on sale with us, but the Broking % will remain the same. In agreeing to put wine on sale with us you are therefore agreeing to sell at prices that may vary from the original valuation.

Broking/Trading %

Wines may be split into different trading % categories to reflect margins available in the marketplace. The different categories which we may apply ensure that Reservist wines can compete effectively against these alternative market sources.

Condition Of Wines

The values shown for wines assume that all labels, levels and capsules are in first class condition. Market prices are very sensitive to the condition of wines and any wines that are not in first class condition (i.e ‘mid shoulder’, damaged labels or capsules) will be revalued or returned (at your cost) if deemed un-saleable.

Shipment/Transfer Of Wines

We can arrange the shipment/transfer of your wine to our cellars at London City Bond, at your cost. You can however arrange your own shipment/transfer to our cellars. If you are arranging your own shipment/transfer of wines please contact us beforehand so we can inform you of the relevant instruction on what information needs to accompany any consignments, and for us to book in the consignments. If your wines are stored in bond, please provide us with proof of their original purchase value beforehand. This can be the original purchase invoice or an extract from your bonded account showing the wines with their values.

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