En Primeuralso known as wine futures, is a practice of buying wine at a pre-bottled stage before they are released onto the market. Wines purchased  at this stage are exclusive of Duty and VAT.

Payment for En Primeur wines is usually made a 12-18 months prior to the official release of a vintage onto the market. At this stage the wine remains in a barrel, with the whole process from grape-vine to market relaese of a vintage being approximately 2 years.

Once the wines are 6-8 months old, merchants and members of the wine trade will taste barrel samples of the vintage. Based on the initial sample, the wines will be given a preliminary score or wine rating based on the expected quality of the wine once it has been bottled, released and has had time to mature. These scores may be used as a guide for buyers of wine at the En Primeur period.

An advantage of buying wines En Primeur is that the wine may be considerably cheaper during the En Primeur period than they would be once bottled and released on the market.

The wines most commonly offered En Primeur are from Bordeaux, Burgundy, The Rhône Valley and Port, although other regions are adopting the practice.

Once wines have arrived in the UK they are automatically delivered to and stored at our bonded warehousing facility with London City Bond on your behalf in our customers’ private reserves. Once there wines will be stored in optimum conditions until you wish to have them delivered or transferred to another bonded warehouse.

Please note:

Wines stored with Paramount Vintners are insured at full replacement value and are subject to storage charges.

Prices for En Primeur wines are always quoted exclusive of Duty and VAT, however these taxes will become payable if you choose to accept delivery of the wine anywhere in the EU.



There are several advantages of buying wine En Primeur, these benefits are:

  The opening En Primeur price is usually considerably cheaper than the price once released on the open market
  Buying En Primeur guarantees the absolute best provenance of your wine, direct from the Château or Domaine. You are therefore receiving immaculate, original stock
  The opportunity to secure an allocation of rare, highly desired wines, which may be produced in very limited quantities and once released may be difficult to obtain
  The opportunity to specify the size format you would like; halves, magnums or larger formats


The Producers benefit from:

  A rapid cash return on their crop along with a firm indication of the demand for the vintage


At Paramount Vintners we aim to make your purchasing of En Primeur wine an informative, rewarding experience. You can also be assured of our promise to deliver a quality service due to our relationships with Producers, Merchants, Negociants and Suppliers who have exclusive access to the World’s finest and rare wines.


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