Can I store all my wine with you?

Paramount Vintners understands that storage of your wines is of the upmost importance, which is why we provide the highest level of storage at extremely competitive prices. We are happy to look after all your wines, odd bottles as well as case lots no matter if they are in bond, duty paid or bought from other sources.


How do I request delivery for my stored wine?

You can request delivery of your stored wine by either contacting us on +44 (0)20 7887 2250, or by going to the ‘request delivery’ tab in your portfolio. From there enter the details of the wines you wish to have delivered and the address which you wish to have them delivered to. Once submitted we will contact you with a delivery quote and will notify you of any additional payments due like in the case of duty or VAT. Alternatively you may arrange collection of your wines from your reservist account.


Who pays for the shipment/transfer of wines to Paramount Vintners?

We can arrange the shipment/transfer of your wine to our cellars at London City Bond, at your cost. You can however arrange your own shipment/transfer to our cellars. If you are arranging your own shipment/transfer of wines please contact us beforehand so we can inform you of the relevant instruction on what information needs to accompany any consignments, and for us to book in the consignments. If your wines are stored in bond, please provide us with proof of their original purchase value beforehand. This can be the original purchase invoice or an extract from your bonded account showing the wines with their values.


When and how do I pay my wine storage fees?

We will charge you annually in arrears from 1st April each year based on the rate per case or pro rata, for wines taken into our storage between the month of receipt and the following 31st March. This charge includes storage and insurance costs and will be reviewed annually. Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of the invoice. We accept payments by all major credit/debit cards including, VISA, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro and AMEX. You may also pay by bank transfer or by cheque. Please contact the sales team for our bank details. Please also make sure that your customer account number is quoted as a reference when paying by bank transfer or cheque as this makes it much quicker to apply the money to your account.


What does ‘cellaring wine’ mean?

Cellaring wine involves storing young wines in ideal conditions, until they are at a point where the optimum drinking pleasure can be achieved.


Why do I need to cellar wine?

Some wines not only become more interesting with age, but can actually require ageing to give them a more pleasurable drinking experience. It is also of vital importance that wine be stored under optimum conditions, as under the wrong conditions the delicate nature of wine is easily damaged, and diminishes at best, its chances of reaching its potential. Another reason to cellar young wine is to give them time to mature for drinking at a later date. We also know that the price of wine once it has matured usually dramatically increases from its price at youth, so the theory is to buy them when they are young and wait for them to mature.


What sort of wines should I choose to cellar?

The grape varieties that can age best are:

 (Reds), Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah
 (Whites), Chardonnay, Riesling and Sémillon

 The regions that can age at best are:

• Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Chabus, Sauternes and the top Piedmont, Mosel, Californian and Australian wines.


Where and how should I store my wines?

We advice you to store your wine with us in our warehouse at London City Bond, where your wine will be stored in your own private reserves, or at any other storage facility that caters for the storage of wine. Wherever you do decide to store your wine, the correct storage is of vital importance. Without the optimum storage conditions, the delicate nature of wine is easily damaged, and diminishes at best, its chances of reaching its potential.

Wherever wine is stored it should be:

• On its side, laying down
• At a steady temperature between 10-14° centigrade
• In the dark
• Away from vibrations
• Safe, both physically and financially


How do I know that the wine will be ready to drink?

The only real way to tell is by trial and error, due to the fact that different people like wine at different stages of maturity. If you would like some guidance we would be happy to assist you.


Can I get condition reports on wines?

Yes, condition reports are available on any wine in your storage account and include, a digital photograph, descriptions of labels, levels, capsules and other notable items. We may also be able to provide condition reports for any wine on our stock list. Charges apply.

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